M 19.26 Productions

Content Creation and Content Marketing

Connect with your audience and grow your business.

We create content that communicates clearly, builds credibility and sells products/services.

Struggling to consistently create content for your brand?

M 19.26 Productions

Save Time and Stay Focused

Is it challenging to focus on serving your clients and creating content to market your services at the same time? Creating content can be time-consuming. Allow us to take care of everything content creation related for you and your team. We have the capability to take your content from concept to publishing.

Get Ideas and Strategies

Not sure if your content marketing ideas and strategies are working? No worries, M 19.26 Productions can collaborate with you to establish a solid content strategy and generate a plethora of content ideas for execution.

Be consistent and structured

Want to win at content marketing? One of the keys to winning is consistency. We can help you to implement a content plan and structure for consistent content production and publishing.

Look Professional

It is possible for your business to effectively use content marketing despite its size our budget. M 19.26 Productions can introduce you to tools and resources that will help you to build your brand.

Content Creation Services

Content Writing and Copywriting

M 19.26 writes content and copy for websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, social media captions, email campaigns and advertisements. Let’s craft a message for your organization that’s consistent across your channels of communication and compels your customers to take the action you desire.

Content Planning and Management

M 19.26 plans and manages content for websites, social media platforms, events and advertising campaigns. Our process begins with ideation, is guided by strategy and is fueled by collaboration. Let’s work together to publish content consistently for your brand and get results.

Content Design and Production

M 19.26 designs websites, brand guides, logos, and promotional artwork and produces video and audio recordings. We bring ideas to life using design and audio/visual methods and strategies. Let’s help you effectively communicate your message with audio/visual content.

We are your partners

Helping to make the mission possible.

M 19.26 Productions

What’s your mission? Want to generate more brand awareness? Looking to educate, entertain or inform? Need to attract more customers? M 19.26 Productions is your mission partner. We’ll partner with you to communicate your message, creating content that makes the message clear and appealing to your target audience.A content creation company founded by Kendon Preddie, we are a team of creatives based in Trinidad and Tobago. We help organizations in need of creative ideas, content planning and content creation capabilities to connect with their people via digital platforms, traditional media and events.

What happens when you work with us?

M 19.26 Productions

You Get Partnership

We are not just your content creators. We are your mission partners. We simply want to help your organization look great, sound great and make great connections with your target audience. Ready to collaborate?

You Get Community

Consistently connecting with your target audience will build meaningful relationships. We want to help you convert strangers into valued and loyal supporters. Ready to lead your tribe?

You Get Action

Your customers are looking for solutions and your products or services are those solutions. We want to help your business stand out and convince your customers to take action in order to have their problems solved. Ready to grow your business?


"I can't find the exact words to describe the blessing M 19.26 Productions has and continues to be for my business for over a year and counting. Just as my theme in 2021 - Le Reconnaissance - The Gratitude which Kendon came on board to be a part of, this business truly deserves my gratitude.Kendon is a very humble, patient and quiet young man full of unique and creative ideas. He isn't afraid to be assertive to keep you on track and seeks the best interest of your brand and being a part of building the journey.I would recommend M 19.26 Productions without blinking twice to anyone who is seeking to build their brand through his social media services. Continue to do an awesome job and aspire to go to even greater heights with the gift and talents that God has blessed you with. "Keith-Ann Jones Greaves
Founder - On Point Events With Style

"After my initial consultation with Kendon and sharing the vision I had in mind for my website and by extension my blog, I felt comfortable. He was able to painstakingly transform my myriad of thoughts and ideas, with suggestions and recommendations of his own, into something tangible and concrete of which I am quite proud.Kendon’s patient and approachable nature made this experience one that was pleasant and hassle-free. Every aspect of the process was treated with the same level of care and professionalism. I would definitely recommend Kendon and M 19.26 Productions if you need help in realizing your dream."Leiba L.
Writer & Blogger - mummypause.com

"Mr. Preddie and M 19.26 Productions are in my estimation top-notch. The work produced, backed by an uncompromisingly excellent work ethic, and the added personal touch, has improved my company's ratings from the get-go. I would recommend him to any business looking to go to the next level."Dr. Kristal Dillon
CEO and Medical Officer
Family Tree Medical Clinic Limited

Our Clients

M 19.26 Productions

Content Writing and Copywriting

Are customers buying what
you’re selling?

We write content and copy that makes selling simple and keeps your message consistent.

Why invest in content writing and copywriting?

M 19.26 Productions

Convince and Compel

The words or copy you use on your website, social media or advertisements can be the driving force behind a potential customer making a purchase or booking an appointment. Copy convinces your customers that your company can meet their needs and compels them to take an action.

Educate and Entertain

Using words to educate and entertain can help to create a meaningful connection with your target audience. Written content helps to build your credibility and develop loyalty among your customers.

Clarity and Consistency

Crafting a brand message that’s clear and consistent communicates what makes you different from your competitors.

Get content and copy written for:

  1. Websites

  2. Blogs

  3. Social Media

  4. Newsletters

  5. Brochures

  1. Email Campaigns

  2. Press Releases

  3. Taglines

  4. Slogans

  5. Advertisements

Our Work

Samples of the content and copy we’ve written.

M 19.26 Productions

Content Planning and Management

Are you consistently connecting with your audience?

We plan and manage content to position you at the top of your audience’s mind.

How will content planning and management help your business?

M 19.26 Productions

Consistent content publishing

Building meaningful relationships takes time and it’s the same with you and your customers. A content plan will help you to consistently publish content and consistency can help you build a strong relationship with your customers.

Hassle-free content creation

Creating content doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time and human resources. An effective content plan schedules content in advance giving you the opportunity to plan what you want to say to your audience while saving tons of time.

Strategy led content creation

Creating and publishing content without a strategy is like shooting without a target. A content strategy will help you to properly allocate resources, identify performance indicators and guide the content creation and management process.

Structured content creation

Content creation and publishing must be structured to be effective. When content is structured your business can begin to evaluate and measure results and tweak or make changes easily.

Get content planning and management

  1. Content Marketing Strategy

  2. Content/Editorial Calendar Development

  3. Content Publishing Tools Set Up

  1. Content Scheduling

  2. Website Content Outline

  3. Creative Project Management

Our Work

Samples of the content we've planned and managed

M 19.26 Productions

Content Design and Production

Do your products/services look and sound appealing to customers?

We design and produce content that helps your business stand out among competitors.

What are the benefits of having appealing content?

M 19.26 Productions

Positive customer perception

When your content looks and sounds great your customers’ perception of your business strengthens.

Memorable products/services

Products and services remain top of mind when they look attractive.

Tells your brand’s story

Intentional and excellent design/production will tell your brand’s story in a unique way.

Builds brands identity

Investing in the visual elements of your brand like logo, typography and colours will help your business to stand out in a crowded market.

Get content designed and produced

  1. Websites

  2. Brand Guides

  3. Logos

  4. Call Cards

  1. Promotional Artwork

  2. Video Productions

  3. Audio Editing

  4. Photoshoot

Our Work

Samples of the content we've designed

More Reviews

"We were definitely pleased with Kendon's service. We appreciate his willingness to have meetings with us, to ensure he understood what was needed and to effectively communicate it. Also his willingness to be flexible."C7 Caribbean Team

"After years of working with Kendon on projects and interacting with his digital creations as an end-user, I can definitely confirm that he provides top-quality services. Based on his work ethic and output, recommending him is a no-brainer."Anthony McLeod
Owner, Designer - Cinzoe Media

"Working with Kendon was mind-free as a creative editor. He took the mantle of leadership and commanded the creative flow that was needed for the final production. His humbling spirit together with his creative ideas will without a doubt take him beyond his great potential. I personally look forward to working with him on future projects! Look out world!"Chad Ramkhelawan (Chaddycub)
CUB Productions Global

"In my 16 years of media work I have partnered with a number of companies and individuals who get the job done efficiently & effectively. Mr. Kendon Preddie is the consummate professional I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him."Kieron Fritz
Radio Personality - Isaac 98.1fm
Voice Over Actor - K&D Vocals

Our Clients

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